Company Overview

Founded in 2002, Centia provides a diverse range of enterprise systems support services to meet the Informational Technology needs of our corporate customers. These services include hardware services, operating system services, system integration services, operational services and professional services.

Services We Provide

IT Support & Outsourcing

Outsource your IT infrastructure with us and focus on your central business. With our IT professional services, we manage all the IT related work that is done. CENTIA offers IT Support and Outsourcing in Malaysia and Singapore. Our IT services include not only infrastructure installation but also IT relocation services.

Server Support & Integration

Numerous organizations let their servers, information, and systems go unmanaged for quite a long time or months on end. Try not to reveal your focal IT infrastructure by overlooking warnings or unable to perform maintenance and security works.Our Server Support & Integration processes are very smooth and you would not face any hindrance in your work.

Database Management

Our specialists create database administration frameworks arrangements, for example, progressive, organize, social, and Object-Oriented Database Management Systems (DBMS) for information control that decreases downtime, fixes security and upgrades exhibitions. We also provide data integration services for multi-source organizations.

Firewall & Security

The Firewall & security services at CENTIA are the best in the ASEAN/SA region. We provide support for an improved firewall security set up with well customized and very robust solutions. Keep your accounts and data safe and secure with the security services we offer and stay protected with the intruders that may damage your data.

Web/Custom Software Design & Development

Get well customized and aesthetic websites from CENTIA. We deliver websites of various fields. Ecommerce websites, just a webshop, personal blogging, portfolio or any other. If you think of going digital think CENTIA. Our website design and development experts put up all their efforts to reflect what you have thought about the website on screen.

Our Customers

Since its induction, Centia has built up an impressive portfolio of customers. Due to our dedicated expertise in the area of maintenance support as well as our competitive pricing, Centia is often the unanimous choice. Our customers vary across multiple industries like telecommunication, finance, retail, information technology, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, etc. We also partner with major maintenance service providers to offer a complete maintenance tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Our philosophy of “Customer’s success is our success” has served us in good stead in our collaboration with both customers and partners.

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