Corporate Overview

Founded in 2002, Centia provides a diverse range of enterprise systems support services to meet the Informational Technology needs of our corporate customers. These services include hardware services, operating system services, system integration services, operational services and professional services.

Coupling our vast range of offerings is our commitment to deliver the highest service level available in the industry today. Not only has this kept us in good stead in our partnerships with our customers but we also have successfully added great value to our customers' operations.

By using a multipronged approach that emphasizes on competitive decision-making, reliable support, and continuous innovation, we possess the strength to confidently outrival competitors.

In its corporate philosophy, Centia places customer needs as first priority. In practice, this is carried out not only by offering prompt execution and a broad gamut of services, but also by backing our expertise with solid experience and know-how. Our knowledge in IBM and Oracle (Sun) UNIX platforms is unparalleled, and our broad suite of products and services including system hardware maintenance, relocation services, managed services, business continuity services, is a portfolio capable of catering to any organization.

Our clientele includes multi-national corporations, government ministries, local enterprises, and also system integrators. We are also ASEAN's leading independent maintenance service provider for enterprise systems.

Why Us?

With more and more organizations placing absolute emphasis on the delivery of high quality of service at minimum investment costs; Centia is your essential partner in determining this growing trend.

It’s Centia’s business to assist customers in lowering their total cost of ownership of enterprise servers and storage arrays. This is achieved by providing low cost, effective hardware maintenance, and professional services, as well as by procuring new and remarketed hardware.

Our Solutions

Our core business focuses on the prompt and effective delivery of enterprise hardware and services. Centia’s Maintenance Support Services comprise end-to-end delivery of not just enterprise hardware but also its support services.



To complement our spectrum of Maintenance Support Services, Centia provides our customers with a comprehensive selection of new and refurbished multi-platform enterprise hardware.

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Maintenance for IT equipment is the key factor for not only maximizing Information Technology investment dollar spent, but more importantly, the single most critical factor of consideration for ensuring business continuity.

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Operate-A-Hardware service is designed to assist you in optimizing the worth of IT in daily operational activities. By allowing Centia to address your IT challenges, your valuable time is liberated for more crucial focus on core business functions.

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Since its induction, Centia has built up an impressive portfolio of customers. Due to our dedicated expertise in the area of maintenance support as well as our competitive pricing, Centia is often the unanimous choice.

Our customers vary across multiple industries like telecommunication, finance, retail, information technology, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, etc. We also partner with major maintenance service providers to offer a complete maintenance tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

Our philosophy of “Customer’s success is our success” has served us in good stead in our collaboration with both customers and partners.